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Free Web Hosting

There are distinct sorts of free-of-cost web space hosting solutions, depending on the web site files that the hosts allow to be transferred to the free web hosting accounts. Because there is no charge involved, this is an ideal way to share files, pictures or opinions on the World Wide Web.

Charge-Free Hosting

The chief, most popular form is the free web hosting solution itself. With this hosting type, each registrant receives a user account on a web hosting server along with a group of other clients. Each web hosting account includes certain disk storage, bandwidth and central processing unit usage quotas to make certain that all the registrants on the web hosting server get their share of the system resources. The majority of hosting companies are able to supply free hosting services owing to the fact that they embed advertisements on the web sites kept on their hosting servers. This is the reason why, a cost-free user account is appropriate for small personal or family sites, class projects, and so on. There are various subcategories under this web hosting type - charge-free MySQL hosting, CGI script web hosting, etc., but in most situations, a conventional cost-free web site hosting user account includes all of them, so you can keep all the content and databases for your web sites in one single place.

FreeHostia ( Plan)
per month
Server Storage: Unlimited
Server Bandwidth: Unlimited
Domains Hosted:
eMail Boxes:
FTP Accounts:
Free Domain Registration: No
InnoDB: Optional
Node.js: Optional
Memcached: Optional
Uninterrupted Service Operation: 99.9% Uptime

Free File Hosting

Another type of cost-free web hosting is the file web hosting service, also known as file storage. In this case, the customer receives an account to upload and share big-size web site files, normally with a certain file size allowance. For each file, the server generates a unique code, so the client has to share his code with anyone who wishes to download the files. With a file hosting user account, PHP and HTML files are catalogued in a directory, but their textual, visual or aural content is not exhibited in a browser, so such a user account cannot be utilized for a web site. Similar to the web site hosting service, this free service also entails adverts displayed close to the download links, and often there is a particular interval one should wait till the actual download link becomes clickable. With the development and growing utilization of broadband Internet, particular service providers also give you the option to preview video files stored on their web servers.

Cost-Free Image Hosting

The 3rd well known variety of free hosting is the image web hosting solution. Clients can upload single pictures or whole albums and share them with mates, colleagues or casual persons. As just given file formats can be uploaded, such an account cannot be used for anything else but photographs. Once again, commercials are put next to each photo or there may be a countdown timer and users may have to wait before the photo is displayed. This type of web hosting is traditionally utilized to store big photos and share them on web sites or discussion boards.

How To Select The Most Appropriate Free-of-Cost Site Hosting Firm?

The majority of the web hosts that offer charge-free web space hosting plans rely on advertisements to make profit. Given top free web hosting firms, however, supply free plans with no commercials whatsoever. They offer both free-of-cost and paid packages, and their income is generated from the professional paid accounts, which allows them to deliver quality free-of-charge services too. In this way, people who do not want to contribute money or do not have the resources, can obtain a decent hosting plan, and users who would like to try the hosting service before buying, can do so too. The no-ad hosting service is of shared interest to both the web host and the user, so it is earning recognition.

One of the preferred free hosting companies at the moment, trusted by 100's of 1000's of people from across the world, is FreeHostia. Their free hosting package allows you to run plenty of websites without forced advertisements and includes functionalities similar to those of the professional hosting plans.

What About Professional Web Space Hosting?

With or without advertisements, free-of-cost webspace hosting accounts have restricted resources and functionalities and are not appropriate for sites with lots of website files or a lot of web site visitors. If you register with a cost-free web hosting vendor, such as FreeHostia, which supplies professional web space hosting accounts too, you may contemplate upgrading to get more functionality and additional system resources.

Another option would be to buy a paid web hosting user account at an inexpensive price from a host such as AUCEAN hosting, which furnishes unlimited hosting services and even gives a free-of-cost domain with selected website hosting plans. AUCEANhosting's shared web site hosting packages can accommodate any sort of website - from a personal online diary to a social networking site or an online storefront.